Drift N Drag Events

Created in 2023 by Quiet, MNM, and Urban Racing, Drift N Drag quickly outgrew its home venue.

For the first time ever, Drift N Drag returns to TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY

DRIFTING - Urban Racing is bringing the drifting to a whole new level, with freedom course drifting, a full training course, and skid pad for drivers to show off. You can hop in a drift car for a quick ridealong or rent a car! For more info click HERE

DRAG RACING - Hosted by QUIET racing, Drift N Drag brings back the vibes of Friday Night Drags with a heads up style, no prep, elimination round of drag racing

CAR SHOW - Dont want to race? Monday Night Madness is leveling up the game with the infield car show, including one-off custom rewards and a rev battle.

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  • Drag Racing

    Hosted by QUIET Racing and presented by E- Shoot Systems, this is a heads up / elimination style no-prep drag race. Drivers compete in vehicle classes for prizes.

  • Drifting

    Urban Racing brings the drifting with everything from drift car ridealongs, to a full drift school, and a burnout pit.

  • Car Show

    Monday Night Madness presents the wildly growing MNM Eventz car show competition, with custom awards.

  • VIP Experience

    Drift N Drag offers a VIP experience unlocking access to in-stadium parking, priority ridealong access, and custom credentials.

  • Drift Car Ridealongs

    Hop in the passenger seat of a professional drift car and prepare to get sideways at speeds up to 100MPH.

  • Crazy Carts

    Hop in an electric drift cart with your family or friends for laps around the Urban Drift cart track.

  • Burnout Competition

    Think you got it what it takes to win our drift burnout competition? Bring extra tires and enter for your chance at winning cash prizes!

  • 2 - Step Competition

    MNM Eventz brings back the famous 2 - Step competition for a cash prize. Think your car is the loudest? Let's see it!

  • Exclusive Merch

    Quiet Racing will be on site selling exclusive merch you can only find in person!

All the answers to most your questions


What's Spectator Admission?

Spectator admisison gives you foot access into the venue. If you would like to park inside the speedway, you can purchase a VIP ticket and save the walking for when your car breaks down

What do I get with VIP Admission?

  • Infield Parking
  • Priority line access to purchase ridealongs
  • Limited Drift N Drag VIP lanyard

How does the drag racing work?

Drag racing will be done in heads up style fashion with cars divided into classes.. good ol' elimination style. Winner moves to the next round until each class has an overall WINNER. For more information on drag classes, please scroll down

What are the vehicle tech requirements?

  • Funtional seat belt
  • Battery tied down
  • All lug nuts secured
  • No throttle sticking
  • Drift - Must have roll cage for tandems
  • Drags - No wheely bars
  • Drags - No tubular chassis
  • Drags - No parachutes

Are kids free?

Children 10 & under are free.

Does my buddy that's riding with me need a ticket?

YES! Admission to drift n drag events are per person not per vehicle

Can I bring a cooler?

NO GLASS OR ALCOHOL! TMS reserves right to deny coolers.

Can I upgrade and/or buy a ticket day of?

Yes, but be prepared to pay more for waiting until the event day

Are tickets refundable?

Due to the insanely high cost of hosting at Texas Motor Speedway, tickets are not refundable. HOWEVER most tickets can be transferable to a future event.

How do ridealongs work?

Ridealongs are sold online and during the event at the Urban Racing booth. Ridealongs are ONLY available in drift cars. You must be 18, riders under 18 must have a parent present to sign a minor consent waiver.

Where do I find the schedule?

Click the schedule tab. (here)

I plan on showing up without a QR code. What happens?

Everyone will recieve a QR code in their ticket purchase receipt to show at check in. If you do not have a QR code to show check in staff, you will be asked to go to the back of the line.

Can I fly my drone?

NO! Due to TMS regulations, only pre-approved, licensed and insured pilots may fly drones at the event.

What's the skid pad / burnout contest about?

Any driver with a RWD car is welcome to show off their skill (or lack of) at the Drift N Drag skid pad; for a chance to win $1k during our judged drifting burnout competition

Can I learn how to drift at this event?

Absolutely! Urban Racing will be running the urban drift school at the event. You can bring your own car or rent one of theirs by the hour. Their instructors will jump in the car with you and teach you. For more information, visit urbanracingtx.com HERE

Drag Racing Classes, Presented by Quiet Racing


All vehicles will be placed in one of six classes by Tech based on the following guidelines:

Tuner Division – Any three or four cylinder car with naturally aspirated engine. Must have stock body and interior. NO turbo, superchargers or power adders. NO all wheel drive vehicles. NO race cars or trucks allowed. NO Nitrous allowed.

Street Bandits - Foreign & domestic cars with stock body, three, four, or five cylinders that have factory turbo and superchargers along with six cylinders with naturally aspirated engines. Drag radials are allowed. All wheel drive allowed. Unmodified rotary engines allowed. NO modified drive train or suspension modifications. NO Nitrous allowed.

Sportsman – Foreign and domestic cars with stock body, 8 cylinders, naturally aspirated. All control arms, shocks and springs must be in stock location. NO cutting of inner or rear fender wells (only outside can be rolled). NO engine modification allowed. NO factory turbo or superchargers allowed. NO slicks. Drag radials allowed. NO Nitrous allowed.

Super Cars – Cars with factory authorized upgrades from the likes of Hennesey, Lingenfelter, Roush, Shelby, etc...Foreign and domestic cars with stock body. All control arms, shocks and springs must be in stock location. NO cutting of inner or rear fender wells (only outside can be rolled). NO engine modification allowed. Factory turbo and superchargers allowed. Drag Radials allowed. No slicks. NO Nitrous allowed.

Street Outlaws – Any car with stock appearing body. Suspension modification allowed. Any engine modifications and rotary engines allowed. Maximum 31 x 10.5w (slicks); 31 x 12.5 (drag radial) size tires. NO wheelie bars allowed. Includes any electric car

Black Smoke Warriors – All diesel powered or modified gas powered trucks, and all wheel drive SUVs. Any size All Terrain tire allowed, Drag radials and slicks limited to same size as Outlaw.